QED National Annual Kick-Off for IT Consultants

QED National Annual Kick Off - IT Consultants

At the beginning of each year, after the excitement of the holidays finally subsides and regular work schedules resume, QED National organizes a New Year’s Kick-Off event for all its IT consultants and corporate staff. This important event invites everyone who works under the QED National banner an opportunity to come together and celebrate. And with all the accomplishments of 2019 – successful engagements and partnerships, diverse expansion of critical projects and solutions – there’s been a lot to celebrate.

By switching locations each year, the firm’s Kick-Off catches newcomers and longstanding QED-ers by pleasant surprise – whether at a plush rooftop, elegant dinner cruise, or trendy restaurant, a good time is guaranteed. This year was commemorated on the 40th floor of a new high-rise with a skyline view of midtown Manhattan that could make anyone (lifelong New Yorkers included) fall in love with the City.

This delightful experience may appear organic, but it was carefully orchestrated by QED’s Corporate Services team, helmed by Jacqueline Bonaparte. With the help of her team, Jackie consistently delivers a perfect soiree that caters to all. She gathers feedback from QED staff and consultants to help decide the type of venue, food menu, and giveaway prizes for the event.

“We enjoy the relationships we maintain with all our staff and IT consultants,” Jackie says, “Coming together to celebrate the New Year and company milestones remind us that we’re all an important part of the QED National team.”

At the New Year’s Kick Off, guests are permitted to bring a “plus one” – many invite their spouses or close friends to share in the celebration. QED National consultants in particular, who work at various client sites throughout the country, appreciate the opportunity to converse and network with their fellow QED colleagues and information technology professionals.

Attendees enjoyed tasty bites from a talented kitchen, specialty cocktails from master mixologists, and a trivia raffle where winners received some of the latest smart technologies on the market. But amidst all the fun, the real reward was simply seeing the hardworking members of the QED National family savor a genuine moment of celebration. A moment to reflect on the journey of the past year and embrace the gift of what the New Year may bring.

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