Digital Transformation and Higher Ed IT Staffing

The top three words on many employers’ minds these days are: The Great Resignation. The past two years of navigating a global pandemic has seen millions of people voluntarily quit the workforce. Even as restrictions lighten up, companies continue to face significant staffing shortages across all business sectors. No industry is immune, and this includes the ever-important education system. In fact, industry publication Inside Higher Ed recently explored the challenges many colleges face as their IT departments lose talent to other, more lucrative industries.

Higher Ed Faces an IT Brain-drain

The Inside Higher Ed article, titled Colleges Cope With IT Staff Flight in Wake of Pandemic, shares how colleges had an advantage in retaining IT talent because it offered flexibility unlike many other business sectors. However, after two years of forced work-from home for many, flexibility is no longer a unique perk, and colleges are experiencing an IT brain-drain as staff flee for better salaries in traditional IT sectors.

Driving Digital Transformation

Many industries were forced to accelerate their digital transformation plans during the pandemic, and higher ed was no exception. Schools had to create a learn-from-home strategy overnight, and train professors, administrators and students. According to a 2021 survey by Educause, a non-profit association helping Higher Ed optimize the impact of IT, 44 percent of IT staff surveyed reported they were engaged in digital transformation, with another 27 percent actively developing their digital transformation strategies. This, of course, means administrators need more IT strategies and expert execution.

Solving the Conflicting Trends

How does Higher Ed resolve the conflicting trends? Organizations need to hire more IT professionals to fuel their digital transformation efforts and yet, IT resources are fleeing towards more lucrative business sectors. The “secret sauce” is to optimize IT resources and streamline how IT departments are set-up, staffed and managed. If you’re having trouble hiring and retaining talent, now is the time to engage experienced IT staffing firms to step-in and alleviate the pain-points.

  • Find a trusted partner with highly qualified, specialized IT consulting services experienced in both public and private educational institutions.
  • Ensure they have expertise and demonstrated experience to deliver the consulting services necessary for the specific needs of educational institutions.
  • Check for experience supporting the technology needs of both K-12 and Higher Education customers.
  • Outline your specific needs, explore ideas to problem-solve, and ask about longstanding relationships with similar organizations.

“Education is one of the most important industries in the world, and it has been hit hard by the global pandemic. QED National is dedicated to be doing its part in helping our Higher Ed customers, not just because they need IT consulting, but also because we believe in the power of education and the importance of educators.” ~ Colleen Molter, President and Founder, QED National

QED National is your Trusted Advisor

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