Health and Human Services

QED National has a long history of helping leading Social Service agencies in major States and Municipalities in designing, developing, implementing and supporting initiatives that serve those most in need.

Of QED National’s Health and Human Services customers include the largest of their kind in the United States, dedicated to fighting poverty and income inequality through the administration of programs supporting food assistance, housing and medical attention. One of these major agencies provides more than 12 major public assistance programs, with a staff in excess of 14,000 employees, and an annual budget of $9.7 billion – all to ensure the needs of children, youth, homeless citizens and the elderly are met. QED National also provides support to the State level departments which oversee these local social service offices.

QED National’s work in the vertical of Health and Human Services spans many disciplines. From developing and implementing applications for an individual agency’s needs to integrating data sharing across agencies and contracted not-for-profits, QED National has extensive experience in the following:

  • Integrated Eligibility Systems, analysis/design/development and implementation
  • Data analytics
  • Program performance and evaluation
  • Operations efficiencies
  • Crisis management and response
  • Program integrity and fraud detection

Health and Human Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)