Power lines going through a field.

Maximizing power, ensuring IT efficiency


The Power/Utilities industry is a highly dynamic and critical component of our modern infrastructure. With enormous demand for continuous, efficient and safe operations, every system and sub-system requires absolute dependability. QED National provides qualified, dependable IT consulting services to both Fortune 500 and State and Local Government organizations in this industry, across multiple states and organizational sizes.

With decades of experience supporting Power/Utilities customers, QED National has developed a deep, comprehensive understanding of its customers in this space. A few notable QED National  engagements with Power/Utilities customers include (but are not limited to) key initiatives such as:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Gas Corrosion Mobile App Development
  • IT Asset Management
  • Gas Atmospheric Inspection/Pole Inspection
  • GIS Maintenance

As with all Power/Utilities engagements, these projects demand unwavering accuracy, attention to detail, confidentiality, discretion and professional ethics – an experience which QED National is well suited to deliver.

Power/Utilities Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)