Strategies for IT Consultants During a Pandemic

Information Technology Professionals During Pandemic

You’re an information technology professional and your current role has ended. Or maybe you’ve been looking for work for some time. Over three million unemployment claims have been filed since the onset of COVID-19 in the United States. How should you differentiate yourself if you’re an IT consultant looking for new IT jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what should you expect in the search process?

According to recruiting experts, some good first steps to consider are listed below:

  • Be flexible, don’t limit your options

Maybe you’re a business analyst with significant web development experience. Or you could be a project manager with cybersecurity expertise. The more job/titles you’re qualified for and apply to, the chances of landing a job increases. You must be open not only to your desired role but also those whose company culture and needs fits your experience.

  • Be open to contract roles and remote work

If your preference is only permanent, full-time roles then you may be leaving exceptional opportunities on the table. Remain open to lucrative contract positions, which may be full or part-time, depending on the specific opportunity. Being open contract roles not only increases the number of jobs you’re able to apply for, it also allows you the potential of working on multiple projects.

  • Familiarize yourself with video conferencing software

Whether you’re having a job interview, or a virtual meeting, videoconference software is being heavily relied upon during these times. If you are not already fluent, familiarize yourself with Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and additional teleconference technology. Interviews are often being conducted virtually and you want to ensure the video and sound quality on your computer is working properly.

  • Be comfortable networking online

In lieu of trade conferences and professional networking events, technology experts are confined to online networking. Using social media platforms such as LinkedIn is a great way to introduce yourself and gain an insider perspective on companies you may be interested in joining. Be sure to ask insightful questions, follow up, and maintain professionalism.

Although the job market is unquestionably challenging right now, technology workers are emerging as an undeniable class of essential workers. Network infrastructure must be maintained, including cloud capabilities, e-commerce portals and remote accessibility. The remote workforce has grown into the millions, providing opportunity for systems engineers, business analysts, product managers and more to adjust company operations to distant teams and endpoints. Technology is needed to keep organizations and markets running during this global crisis, and the dependency on information technology Professionals will continue to grow beyond the current horizon.



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