QED National’s Mobile Data Center Demonstration for NYS DOT

QED National, in partnership with AvNet and Elliptical Mobile Solutions, recently conducted a Mobile Data Center/Disaster Recovery presentation and demonstration at the NYS DOT facility in Albany. The event focused on use cases and case studies reflecting successful Mobile Data Center solutions with an emphasis on Disaster Recovery considerations, including: Mobile Hardened Infrastructure, Data Centers in Remote Locations, Remote Application Support in Harsh Environments, and Remote Office Support.

The Mobile Data Center Solution features EMC’s VSPEX, a modular, virtualized infrastructure stack that is pre-validated and delivered only by AvNet/EMC partners, QED National. VSPEX incorporates Virtualization, Server, Network, and Storage technologies into a single stack that is completely scalable and customizable. Each VSPEX stack is integrated into a “hardened,” highly secure, self-cooling, and independently powered container, manufactured by Elliptical Mobile Solutions. Solutions can be deployed in a fixed, stand-alone configuration, a wheeled, independent mobile unit or a mobile trailer designed as a command center.

The Mobile Data Center solution is lauded as the “ultimate in sustainability”: it can survive and/or avoid disasters and can be deployed anywhere in any conditions. The unit enables built‐in, redundant, disaster recovery features at the rack level, including active and passive fire suppression, providing resilience against natural disasters, random or coordinated attacks and accidents. The infrastructure stack is designed to accommodate growth and high density. Scalable, pre-configured layer combinations increase flexibility and decision making capabilities concerning customer data centers.

QED National thanks all attendees for participating in our successful event. We look forward to providing the State of New York with solutions to protect and maintain their crucial data and application and communication functionality in the event of an emergency. For additional details regarding QED National’s Mobile Data Center Solution offerings, please inquire at (212) 481-6868 or [email protected]

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