MTA Commits to MWBE Community with Discretionary Spending

The MTA recently announced its continued commitment to the Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (“M/WBE”) community, citing its $736 Million spend with M/WBE businesses during the 2018-2019 fiscal year. The MTA surpassed Governor Cuomo’s 30% discretionary spend goal for State contracts during this period, with a significant amount being in support of their information technology initiatives. As a longstanding vendor of the MTA, the MTA’s press release cites QED National’s 64 assignments and $12.4 Million in awards since the start of its most recent Discretionary contract in 2016, which provides support for the MTA’s most critical information technology and cyber security programs.

“The MTA’s focus on Minority and Women Owned Businesses has clearly made a difference,” said Colleen Molter, President, QED National. “Through the strong leadership of Michael Garner, the implementation of the $1M discretionary threshold, consistent community outreach and strong compliance monitoring, the MTA achieved the Governor’s full 30% spend goal on these assignments. The MTA’s MWBE program has not only empowered MWBE firms to grow their businesses, but also enabled the MTA to sustain its reputation as a leading transportation provider known across the world.”

To learn more about the MTA’s substantial commitment to the M/WBE community, see the MTA’s official Presse Release: