Governance, Risk & Compliance

auditingThrough our extensive knowledge and expertise, QED National’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance consulting services ensure our clients perform their utmost as they manage corporate policies, assess and respond to enterprise risks, and comply with regulations and internal processes.

We align our expertise with such industry leaders as RSA to assist our clients in developing  sustainable and cost-effective Governance, Risk, and Compliance programs. Through the development of these mature capabilities, customers can expect to:

  • Transform a tactical, reactive approach to a proactive, value-added business function
  • Gain efficiency and consistency across multiple business units and functions via common processes and information
  • Focus the lens to better view and control issues as well as eye the progress of corrective actions

At QED National, experience counts. An award-winning, certified woman-owned business provider of IT solutions, we invest time to understand our client’s environment, processes, and requirements and optimize our resources to meet this objective. With proven results, we deliver the full-depth of our clients’ requirements through uncompromising integrity, commitment to client stewardship, technical precision, and cost containment.  That’s why more than 90% of our clients work with QED National more than once.