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QED National, a leading provider of Information Technology solutions, provides superior human resource support that goes beyond expectations.

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Our proven method of identifying, screening, and presenting technology professionals has garnered QED National a reputation for delivering the highest quality IT staffing services.

Providing IT Staffing for nearly 30 years

Since 1993, QED National has been providing IT consultants and employees to Fortune 500 organizations and the public and private sectors, including financial services and technology industries and city, state, and federal governments.  Our flexible solutions enable us to provide our clients with IT staffing strategies that fit specific business needs.

Here’s how.

First, our technical recruiting specialists, evaluators, and researchers know our clients' technologies, cultures, and environments.

Second, we believe before any candidate meets our client, we must know that candidate. We ensure that each candidate's competencies, skills, and experience are an absolute fit for the position and the client's corporate culture. Our thorough identification, pre-screening and evaluation process, tests, and assessments of candidates ensure the right match the first time.

QED National takes pride in its culture of exceptional customer service that it achieves by constantly reviewing results. Confirming our ability to provide the best possible IT staffing to our clients, we consistently monitor our consultant and client retention. As a result, over 95% of our consultants complete a full assignment. And, more than 98% of our clients work with us more than once.

What is IT staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is the perfect solution for businesses and organizations looking for qualified resources, allowing you to bring on talent without the hassle of dedicating your own organization’s efforts towards the tedious recruiting process and human resources requirements. It’s a common practice involving contracting specific qualified resources via an external vendor (instead of hiring them directly), for either part-time or full-time work, to help you and your team complete ongoing tasks and/or specific projects under your direction. This allows businesses and organizations to leverage the skill sets and expertise of qualified resources without having to fulfill their burdensome internal hiring processes. IT staff augmentation, QED National’s specialty, allows organizations or businesses to leverage a vendor’s expertise and bring on temporary resources to augment the capacity of their business or organization’s information technology department.

What is the difference between staff augmentation and project-based consulting?

The primary difference between staff augmentation and project-based consulting (sometimes referred to as “fixed-fee”) is staff augmentation services provide individual qualified resources to your already existing team, whereas project-based consulting offers a vendor managed, deliverable specific approach. With staff augmentation, the vendor recruits for and identifies qualified resources to augment your existing team’s need for a particular requirement (which can change as needed). You can then interview and select the presented resource(s) which you would like to engage. Project-based engagements are typically managed by the vendor and have defined goals, milestones and/or deliverables associated with clear start and end dates. Paid for actual hours worked by resources, staff augmentation offers a staffing solution that is flexible by way of scope and can shift depending on your organization’s needs, even after a resource is selected. Vendor’s delivering services under a project-based model are typically paid for completion of previously agreed milestones or deliverables at fixed or not-to-exceed amounts. 

The key difference is that under our staff augmentation model, we handle the administrative and tactical components of staffing your team, applying our 29 years’ of experience in recruiting qualified resources so that you can focus completely on the organization's larger goals and initiatives. 

Who uses staff augmentation?

Effectively all industries use staff augmentation! Staff augmentation is extremely common in large organizations such as the Fortune 500 or within Government, but it benefits all organizations across the healthcare, education, transportation, power/utilities, and manufacturing industries.

Why is IT staff augmentation important? Can’t I just use my in-house team to hire someone?

The process of hiring new staff is often lengthy, burdensome and expensive. QED National aims to eliminate these challenges and save your valuable resources (expenses, time, energy, effort) by taking the headache out of adding experienced professionals to your team so that new resources can hit the ground running. With QED National’s 29 years’ of experience, our team is able to jump right in and understand your organization’s requirements without a learning curve. Our qualified resources combined with your management will function as one cohesive unit, taking daily direction from you with no unnecessary oversight on our part. With staff augmentation, you also avoid paying for benefits such as vacation and sick time, which are required for W2 employees. Time is money, and QED National wants you to spend your resources smarter by utilizing our staff augmentation services.

Why hire QED National for your IT Staff Augmentation Services?

IT Staff Augmentation allows QED National to supplement your team with valuable resources with which you can pursue a continued work relationship. Our customers refer to QED National as a trusted partner, which is why 98% of organization’s work with QED National more than once. Our proven method of identifying, screening, and presenting information technology professionals has garnered QED National a reputation for delivering the highest quality IT staffing services in the industry.

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