QED National Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence

Over the last three decades, QED National has grown from a boutique IT consulting and staff augmentation provider, primarily serving Wall Street organizations, to one of the most trusted and respected advisors for public and private sector entities across the nation. Since 1993, the firm has continuously expanded its operations and service offerings to meet the needs of its customer base. Today, the firm offers a robust suite of Staff Augmentation, Cybersecurity, Management Consulting and Hardware/Software solutions to address requirements across the Transportation, Power/Utilities, Healthcare, Government, Health and Human Services, Financial Services, and Education industries. Founded by the firm’s President, Colleen Molter, QED National is proud to reflect on its sustained impact and continued journey.

The Beginnings

After working as a Systems Engineer with IBM and teaching at both Brooklyn Polytechnic (now NYU Tandon School of Engineering) and NYIT, Colleen decided to start Q.E.D., Inc. Paying homage to the Latin term quod erat demonstrandum, which translates to “what was to be determined”, the phrase is often required after solving a mathematical proof. Adopting the slogan “Problem Solved”, delivering top-tier consulting services quickly established QED as a trusted advisor among its clients by helping them accomplish various technology and business goals.

“I was fortunate enough to have a capable and supportive team,” Colleen said, “I was able to focus on work I’m passionate about, helping clients and organizations achieve their technology and business objectives.”

Teamwork has been a recurring motif among QED National’s workforce, emanating as one of the key reasons behind the firm’s success and longevity. Many of QED National’s staff have worked with the firm for over a decade and acknowledge QED National’s expansion into additional industries as instrumental in the company’s trajectory.

“Despite our service offerings being the same, we had to learn how to adapt to client needs in new industries” said Caroline Doherty, Senior Account Executive, “Different rules and regulations, technology stacks, procurement requirements, frameworks for delivering services – we had to make adjustments and were able to do so effectively.”

Becoming a Recognized IT Consulting Leader with Award-Winning Management

As QED National deepened its relationships with its expanding customer base, the firm also diversified its solution offerings. Focusing on enterprise-level concerns, QED National carefully expanded its consulting practice to include several Cybersecurity and Management Consulting disciplines, while partnering with industry leaders in hardware and software to provide cutting edge professional services and related solutions to address the needs of the firm’s growing client base.

“We didn’t always have the capabilities to offer the types of solutions we offer today” said Russell Kiernan, Director of IT Management Consulting and Information Security Services, “We’ve grown to become a recognized, award-winning management consulting and security firm. Our clients rely on us to manage and support important, strategic projects and programs.”

Key to QED National’s continued growth is the firm’s unparalleled focus on the customer – what are they looking to accomplish and why? How can we best assist? This growth no doubt relies heavily on management direction and the skillsets and disciplines of dedicated team members, but it is the aforementioned focus on customer results that has ultimately led QED National to become the trusted advisor its diverse clientele repeatedly commends.

Not to be forgotten are the importance of both QED National’s employees and the firm’s modernization of business processes to increase collaboration across the organization.

“Just as important as our customer base are our employees and partners,” said Dustin Molter, Director of Sales, “We continue to do everything possible to ensure team members are best supported to thrive in working with QED National.”

“We have grown tremendously,” added Jacqueline Bonaparte, Manager of Corporate Services, “Continuing to evolve to ensure processes leverage the right technologies and are automated where possible has enabled us to both develop individually and to work more efficiently as a team”.

Continuing Our Legacy – Recent Years and Beyond

In recent years, modernization efforts have been on full display at QED National, continuing to thrive and overcoming obstacles, such as those presented during the global pandemic.

“The fact that we have continued to thrive across numerous economic challenges speaks volumes to the company we are – the staff, financial stability, reputation, everything,” said Jessica Gary, Director of Recruiting Operations, “our customers call us in times of need and especially in dire situations”.

QED National was fortunate enough to retain staff and consultants without having to perform any layoffs or cutbacks during the pandemic, largely due to a rise in demand for its expertise across its client base, a demand fulfilled with exceptional success.

“Our success in helping our customers best address their needs, and especially those of public health concern – we’re proud of that,” said Russ, “We continue to make a difference.”

As demonstrated throughout QED National’s journey, the firm has never shied away from addressing unique challenges and providing critical services required by its clients. The firm’s customized and cost-effective approach to satisfying specific customer needs is a main driver behind QED National’s impressive 98% client retention rate – meaning, if an organization works with QED National once, they are overwhelmingly likely to work with the firm again.

“When QED started out, I could not have imagined where we are today,” said Colleen, “Our focus has been, and will continue to be, dedicated service to our customer base”.

After 30 years of dedication, QED National proudly celebrates the milestone of longevity, a result of continued excellence and commendable teamwork.

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