Supporting Clients & Candidates in Competitive IT Jobs Market

Across the country we are currently experiencing an extremely competitive job market for technical expertise. This includes but is not limited to: private sector and government jobs, cyber security jobs, and IT jobs, making hiring appropriately skilled resources a challenge. In the recruiting industry, the trend known as “ghosting” describes the occurrence of candidates or recruiters leaving the other at the altar, breaking their various commitments to one another without any communication. Examples include recruiting firms failing to follow up with candidates on job submissions or client feedback, and candidates dismissing confirmed client interviews or project start dates without notification.

Spending over 26 years in the Information Technology industry, QED National’s President Colleen Molter has experienced various fluctuations in the marketplace. There are periods like today where demand is much higher than candidate availability. Candidates are more likely to have several options during a job search, which can lead to competitive job offers and decreased time for client hiring decisions.

“Regardless of the job market, it is QED’s responsibility to consistently support both its clients and candidates by facilitating job assignments and making the situation a win-win for both parties,” Molter says, “We provide this support by being clear and upfront with both our candidates and clients and keeping communication channels open.”

Communication and transparency are vital keys to providing better understanding and curtailing undesirable situations, which is ultimately necessary for firms to support job seekers and clients alike.

“This approach is proven to minimize the occurrence and impact of non-responsive situations, and increase successful job placements,” Molter says, “We look forward to continuing to meet the various challenges of the recruiting industry.”

Supporting Clients & Candidates - IT Jobs


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