Tech Giants Pledge Billions to Strengthen National Cybersecurity

Between the steady rise of harmful cyber-attacks and the evident labor shortage in the field of cybersecurity, challenges facing the nation in the area of cybersecurity are well-documented. To address these issues the Biden Administration recently hosted a cybersecurity summit where shortly thereafter tech giants such as Google and Microsoft pledged billions of dollars in strategic cybersecurity investments. These investments seek to strengthen cybersecurity programming, technology, and workforce education.

Brief details of the pledges made are listed below, while the full list of organizations and their commitments can be found here:

  • Google announced it will invest $10 billion over the next five years to expand zero-trust programs, help secure the software supply chain, and enhance open-source security. Google also announced it will help 100,000 Americans earn industry-recognized digital skills certificates that provide the knowledge that can lead to secure high-paying, high-growth jobs.
  • Microsoft announced it will invest $20 billion over the next 5 years to accelerate efforts to integrate cyber security by design and deliver advanced security solutions. Microsoft also announced it will immediately make available $150 million in technical services to help federal, state, and local governments with upgrading security protection, and will expand partnerships with community colleges and non-profits for cybersecurity training.
  • IBM announced it will train 150,000 people in cybersecurity skills over the next three years and will partner with more than 20 Historically Black Colleges & Universities to establish Cybersecurity Leadership Centers to grow a more diverse cyber workforce.

These cybersecurity commitments and investments made by organizations in both the private and public sector hope to effectively combat the rise of cyberattacks and implement changes that strengthen the nation’s cybersecurity for years to come.