Together, we can revitalize NYC: New Agenda Plans to Impact MWBEs


The past two years has been challenging for cities around the world. Our beloved New York City is no exception. From school administrators to restaurant-owners to small-business leaders, all had to find new ways to live and work. The global pandemic disrupted the City’s economy, but thanks to City leadership and a new vision, New York City is looking at economic resurgence.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently introduced “Rebuild, Renew, Reinvent: A Blueprint for New York City’s Economic Recovery,” bringing hope and energy back to the City. QED National was established in New York City, and we have been hiring New Yorkers and helping New York-based businesses, services and workers for more than 28 years. Here’s how we envision this plan will come to life, and how together, we can revitalize New York City.

Support Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs)

As a certified Women-owned Business Enterprise, QED National understands investment into the MWBE community plays a significant role for the City’s recovery, supporting diversity across industries to ensure opportunities to rebuild and grow are accessible to everyone. We are enthusiastic to see that MWBEs across the Metro area can receive the help required to rebuild, grow and thrive. In fact, this support for MWBEs is at the core of the plan:

“This is a plan to accelerate job creation and more quickly reach pre-pandemic employment levels, which were the highest in recorded history. But let me be clear—our goal is not to return to the previous status quo but to move forward stronger than before, making sure our recovery is centered on equity and economic mobility.” ~ Mayor Adams

QED National President, Owner and Founder Colleen Molter actively advocates for small, minority- and women-owned businesses. She is often identified as an expert on matters surrounding City and State legislation for small business and has provided assistance and leadership over the years on numerous community-based projects such as the City of New York’s MWBE Advisory Council, NYC Small Business Advisory Board and US Senate committee for small business legislation. She is always willing to help strengthen the MWBE community to further serve customers and partners, as demonstrated by her many years of dedication and service.

Rebuild the Infrastructure

Investment into technology infrastructure is more important now than ever before. QED National has spent years working with organizations that help run NYC: Government, Transportation, Education, Utilities, and more, and we understand how a solid foundation of technology is key to growth and success. We understand the City’s unique needs, mission and requirements. Technology leads to better jobs, secure and efficient business operations, and hopefully, a growing economy.

The team and leaders at QED National are dedicated to connecting IT infrastructure and business success. In fact, Colleen serves with the Women Business Economic Council (WBEC Metro NY) to promote Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certifications, is a former board member of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and participates in a number of additional Government MWBE and diversity boards. Colleen also serves as co-chair of NYC Department of Education’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) IT Commission. This commission is responsible for evaluating curriculums against industry trends for CTE high schools in New York City.

Strengthen the Community

At the end of the day, QED National is proud to be a New York City headquartered business, wanting the best for NYC and for each other. This plan aims to improve our schools, libraries, cultural institutions, transportation systems and more. We are encouraged by the core pillars of this plan, which includes:

  • Restarting NYC’s economic engines and reactivate the public realm
  • Supporting small businesses, entrepreneurship, and a more equitable economy
  • Driving inclusive sector growth and build a future-focused economy
  • Connecting New Yorkers to quality jobs and in-demand skills
  • Planning and building for inclusive growth now and in the future

Proud to Support the Plan

QED National has weathered recessions and volatile economies in the past, we’ll be there at the end of this one too. If you need help creating your innovative and strategic technology plans, please reach out to us: [email protected] or call us at (212) 481-6868. QED National deeply values all of our clients, and looks forward to continuing and strengthening our relationship other entities. QED National is proud to do our part in bringing New York back better than ever.