Year in Review – QED National’s 2021


2021 has had many eventful moments, filled with overcoming unexpected challenges and achieving new accomplishments. After 2020 brought drastic change to our reality, the work landscape has continued to evolve in 2021. For all individuals and businesses alike, efforts to maintain, adjust, and grow has been more different than ever before. For QED National, the following insights offer a glimpse into some of the firm’s noteworthy activity and milestones over the past 12 months.

Operational Mode. As many workers across the nation have shifted back to on-site from working remotely, some organizations have adopted a hybrid model with others embracing full-time in-office work. Along with many of its peers and clients, QED National has continued to be successfully operational regardless, adjusting based on the needs of its customer’s requirements and in support of its employees. With the majority of clients now back in operational mode and re-engaging on both functional and strategic projects, many have been focused on adding resources to accommodate these initiatives. A flurry of resource requirements, after a longer-period of limited job opportunity, has meant qualified candidates looking for new jobs are currently far and few between in the IT industry. Despite these challenges, QED National has been able to assist its clients and deliver on its customer requests in 2021, becoming even more versatile as an IT staffing provider and customizing its delivery to meet its clients’ dynamic needs.

Emergency Management. In response to emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic, QED National has continued to support several initiatives by providing both IT and management consulting services to clients on the front-line of defense. Tasked with both operational and management roles for several key programs across these emergencies, the firm’s Program and Project Management support for this crucial work has been both locally and nationally recognized. This important work has further defined client reliance on QED National as a trusted advisor and go-to service provider during critical times.

Recognition. QED National was honored by several reputable organizations for exceptional leadership and success in 2021. Most notably, QED National President Colleen Molter was recognized by both Crain’s and The New York City Department of Education for outstanding achievements and contributions as a technology, business and community leader. Crain’s honored Colleen as a Notable Women-Business Owner, recognizing her and QED National as having grown the firm whilst powering the economy. The NYC Department of Education’s “NYC CTE Champion of the Year” award was also bestowed upon Molter for her direction in the establishment of a cyber security focused program for the CTE students. Efforts across these communities, both of which are very dear to QED National’s mission, were rightly celebrated this year.

New Engagements and Focus Ahead. QED National was fortunate to engage with several new customers across multiple new territories in 2021. New contracts in Rhode Island, Delaware, Arizona, and Massachusetts to name a few are a result of QED National’s continued commitment to quality and integrity in delivering its IT consulting service offerings. While we are proud of and excited for this expansion, the firm has also taken a particular focus in the Healthcare, Transportation, Higher Education, Utilities, and Government industries for 2022. These industries and their organizations’ missions align well with QED National’s, energizing and strengthening the firm’s commitment to delivering the highest quality of services to its customer-base.

As QED National reflects on the milestones it has reached in 2021, the firm looks forward to the challenges that 2022 will bear, and commits to continuing to assist customers in their ever-developing organizational needs and IT missions. QED National is thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with such vital organizations that many rely upon for critical public and private services. Most of all, the firm is honored to be able to make a difference in the areas we serve and use our specialized expertise to help improve these organizations and the communities they serve.